Get Better Marks In Your SAC’s & Exams

Hi, it’s Michael here from Better Marks In Maths and I tutor students in VCE Maths Methods. The ones who get the results they want follow a simple formula for maximising their results.

Here’s The Formula I Give My Students:

– Start doing 4 VCAA past exam questions on Monday to Friday every week during term.
– Make sure you’re doing questions on topics you’re currently doing.
– Make sure you correct each question.
– Get help if you don’t understand how to do them.
– Keep doing them on a regular basis after you’ve done your methods homework.
– Don’t wait until later in the year, get started today!

If You Follow This Formula You Can Get Better Results Too

– You’ll be getting used to the types of questions you’ll encounter in your final exams.
– You’ll get better at doing exam questions.
– You’ll become more confident when doing exam questions.
– You’ll find methods easier to do.
– You’ll have more confidence going into tests, SAC’s and exams.
– You’ll get better results at school.

Practice exam questions – sounds simple but it works. Time and time again my students’ best result at the end of the year is VCE Maths Methods. I put it down to partly the tutoring they get from me and also to the effort they put into doing past exam questions right from the start of the year.

You Want To Get The Best Possible Results You Can Don’t You?

If you haven’t started doing past exam questions on a regular basis then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. By not doing them you’re relying on doing them later in the year with less time to develop your understanding and skills.

I used to do the checkpoints questions for an hour each weekday morning. It took me a couple of terms to get through all of the questions. The more questions you can get through, the better you’ll be at doing those question.

The earlier you start doing them the greater your understanding will be. You’ll find that when you do exam questions in the lead up to the final exams that you’ll remember how to do most of those questions. If you haven’t done them prior to the lead up then you’ll be learning them for the first time – definitely a disadvantage.

Doing them again will not be a waste of time. It will be time well spent. Why not get started today and put yourself in a better position to learn, practice and develop your skills in the types of questions you’ll be doing in SAC’S and the 2 final exams in November.

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Functions & Relations
Linear Relations
Families of Functions

The exam questions are from exams within the years 2000 up to 2017. The 2018 exam solutions will be completed as soon as they are available.

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