How to do Exam Questions the Quick and Easy Way

If you’re struggling with VCE Maths Methods exam questions, then here’s something that can help you. It’s a Free video library of VCAA exam solutions in the members area and it will help you to really understand how to solve exam questions.

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Test drive the members area for 7 days. Try some of the exam questions in the topic that you’re currently doing. Each question has a video solution explaining how to solve it. The videos are available 24/7 for the 7 days.

You’ll Learn How To Do Exam Type Questions Involving:

  • Composite Functions
  • Finding Pronumerals
  • Finding Inverse Functions
  • Finding the Rule of a Function
  • …and more…in the following topics:

Functions & Relations
Linear Relations
Families of Functions
Logs & Exponentials
Circular Functions
Differentiation Basics
Differentiation Applications
Discrete Probability
Binomial Probability
Probability Density Functions
Normal Distribution
….and Extended Response Questions…ALL with videos showing you how to solve each question.

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