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By starting past exam questions earlier rather than later, you’ll be getting better at doing them sooner. This will make it easier for you as the year progresses. You’ll be developing more problem solving skills doing past exam questions than if you just do the textbook questions.

Text book questions are good for developing the skills in each topic. Harder text book questions are also good to practice. But they’re nothing like the past exam questions.

Year 12 Isn’t Easy

It can be hard doing year 12 trying to juggle all the homework tasks you have. Especially if you’re trying to get into a course or just trying to do the best you possibly can in year 12. But it’s even harder if you wait until later to get started on past exam questions.

You might be thinking that you’ll get started on them later in the year when you’re into a routine or before the first SAC. But if you’re really wanting to get those top marks in methods you need to be on top of your work and also practicing past exam questions. This will give you the edge you need to get the marks you want in your SAC’s and in your final exams.

Four Questions A Day

If you do four questions each day that you have Maths homework, you’ll start getting better at exam type questions very quickly. You’ll find that you’l be able to do some of the questions in the earlier topics. Knowing this will boost your confidence a lot. If you continue with the habit of doing those four questions a day, you’ll get better and better at them over time.

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