Worried about not doing well in the end of year Maths Methods exams?

One of the best ways of getting the best results in Maths Methods is to start doing past exam questions now! By starting now you’ll be getting used to the exam type questions you’re going to see in your final exams.

As you go through the questions you’ll be doing problems that will raise your thinking to a higher level that will give you better problem solving skills and more confidence with the harder exam type questions.

By practicing a few questions per day you’ll:

  • Improve your understanding of Math Methods concepts.
  • Become more confident with exam type questions.
  • Get better at solving exam type questions
  • Have more confidence going into SAC’s, tests, and your final exams.

Get Free Access To Exam Questions & Solution In:

Each of the topics below have been sorted into sub-topics so you can practice the type of question you want to improve at.

The exam questions are from the exams within the years 2000 up to 2017. The 2018 exam solutions will be completed as soon as they are available.

Functions & Relations
Linear Relations
Families of Functions

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